Drag Queen Story Time
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Brandy's newest project, together with the internationally acclaimed Drag Queen Tropikahl is Drag Queen Story Time. A creative, fantasy jump into books while encouraging positive queer rolemodels for primary school aged children.

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In December 2020, Brandy premiered her first solo piece "AvoirduPoIs." Click on the link to find out more about the show, as well as see some impressions from the Premiere.

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Recently Brandy Butler, and working creative partner Juan Ferrari founded a new creative project entitled braveneWWWorld. The two have received generous funding from the city of Zürich to research and develop creative tools and content for the digitial stage. 

        Mino Collective

2019 saw the creation of the Mino Music collective, ed by Brandy Butler, Sarah Palin and Ella Ronen. The collective is a think tank for the creation of innovative ideas to promote diversity within the Swiss music and entertainment industries.

Gentle Beating Heart - Brandy Butler and the Brokenhearted
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